Teach College Credit Plus

Get the Coursework To Meet College Credit Plus Teaching Requirements

New requirements for College Credit Plus teachers require many high school faculty members to seek additional qualifications to remain in the program. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires that instructors teaching dual enrollment courses have the same credentials as campus faculty and meet qualifications set by the Ohio Board of Higher Education.

Course Content Areas

All courses are offered online – but at Franklin, it’s not just about fitting your schedule. You’ll be actively engaged with media-rich course content and an intuitive online learning environment.


Convey real-world business concepts to your students by enhancing your understanding of strategic management and leadership skills used by industry leaders today. 

Computer Science

Learn advanced methodologies and strategies from the computer science field, which will help your students build technical and problem solving skills. 

English / Language Arts / Communications

Deepen your understanding of strategic communications within organizations and integrate high-level theories and practical applications in your classroom.

Mathematics / Statistics

Help students explore next-level mathematics and deductive reasoning by sharpening your skills in graduate-level applied math concepts including differentiation, multiple integrations, complex variables and common calculus topics.

Social Sciences

Challenge students to better understand social and behavioral patterns by enhancing your knowledge of psychology across various disciplines. 

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With flexible scheduling options and multiple start dates each trimester, Franklin allows you to pursue your education without interrupting other life priorities. Learn more about getting started and how to find out if you’re eligible for grant funding to cover your tuition costs.

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